3 Often-Forgotten Steps To Take Before A DIY Solar Panel Installation

15 November 2018
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


The decision to step away from your home's reliance on electrical power and instead go for solar is now an easier decision to make than it ever has been before. Not only can you go out and buy just about any DIY solar panel kit for your home, but the process of installing solar panels has also been simplified somewhat from what it once was. As easy as it is to make the decision to go solar at home, the installation process can still be pretty complicated. There are a lot of things that unwitting homeowners do during or before installation of their solar panels that cause them problems. Take a look at some of the most commonly forgotten things you should do before your home's solar panel installation.

1. Make sure you don't need permits before you get started.

Believe it or not, it is actually not uncommon for there to be certain permits you have to buy in your location before you will be able to install solar panels on your home. As crazy as that may sound, the exterior change is still an addition to your home. Therefore, the city officials in your town may require that you get a permit before you just jump in and start making changes. Not getting a permit in advance if one is required can lead to some major fines to contend with. 

2. Calculate how much energy your home uses monthly. 

One of the biggest disappointments is when you go through the trouble of installing a brand-new solar panel system in your home only to find out that it is nowhere near large enough to supply your household with the power it needs to function properly. Before you ever start shopping for the right solar panel kit for your home, make sure you do your research about your typical power usage in a given month. Doing so will help you track down the solar set-up that is sizable enough to provide for your house.

3. Check for local solar-energy providers in your area. 

It can be great to be in charge of your own solar system, but this is a rather big project that can have a lot of complicating factors. Before you consider doing all of this yourself, it is also worth investigating if there are local providers of solar energy available. For some homeowners who have access to these services, it is a more logical solution to their desire to make the switch from electrical energy.