Catch Basin Concerns And Remedies

19 September 2022
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


A damaged catch basin may have sediment, liquid waste, and other materials trapped within it. A local utility provider uses a wide vacuum attachment to suck up debris. Concrete that comprises the catch drain may need to be patched, cleaned, or repaired during a maintenance procedure. 

Clean Waterways

Public roadways rest above sewer systems and storm drains. Without an adequate way to remove wastewater, roadways would become flooded and could potentially become damaged. Sitting water can pose a potential hazard to motorists. Although many catch basins are located within business districts, anyone who owns property within the vicinity of a catch basin should remain vigilant and should report any inconsistencies in how water drains.

If a catch basin is located near a residential or commercial property, failure to report a blockage could result in damage to the property. Foreign substances could also become further clogged within a basin, affecting the cleanliness of wastewater that is routed to natural bodies of water.

Professional Assistance

A catch basin is configured similarly to a public sewer system. A series of concrete pipes may run underneath a roadway or undeveloped property. A professional utility provider should be the only type of person who accesses a catch basin. A utility provider will use powerful equipment to inspect and clean a catch basin. They will also use a careful analysis process, to determine what has caused a catch basin to malfunction.

Sometimes, natural occurrences can affect the functionality of a catch basin. Fallen materials could enter a basin and cause a severe blockage. A cover that is attached to a catch basin will need to be removed by someone who is trained to inspect and repair catch basins. The new construction of a catch basin can occasionally lead to disruptions in the flow of water. If too much concrete is poured when installing a catch basin, water may not be able to flow adequately.

A vacuum process will remove sludge, leaves, twigs, and other foreign materials that are in a catch basin. Upon emptying the basin, a utility provider can determine if the basin's infrastructure is compromised. If an internal problem is to blame, a team of repair personnel will need to access the inside of the basin. This may necessitate the use of hydraulic equipment or a hydro jet. Once a catch basin has been cleaned, the cover to it will be secured.

Contact a local catch basin cleaning service to learn more.