4 Of The Most Common Dumpster Rental Myths

4 October 2018
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


Incorrect information about dumpster rentals can be a major problem for homeowners that are needing to use these devices. Correcting all of the misconceptions that can be misleading you will be necessary for having a pleasant and productive experience with your dumpster rental service.

Myth 1: Dumpsters Are Extremely Damaging To Driveways

Individuals will often put their dumpster on the grass or dirt due to believing that it will damage their driveway. Luckily, dumpsters do not have to be hard on driveways as there are steps that can be taken to soften the impact of the dumpster being placed on the pavement and to better distribute the weight of the dumpster. The use of support pads can be an extremely effective way of doing this as these pads are made of a durable rubber that can absorb the impact of the dumpster being placed on it along with spreading the weight of the dumpster over a larger area.

Myth 2: You Can Put Anything In Your Dumpster

Making the mistake of putting banned substances in the dumpster can be a costly error. In some instances, the dumpster rental service may refuse to pick up the dumpster until these items are removed or there may be additional processing fees. Thoroughly reviewing the materials that are not allowed in the dumpster is necessary for avoiding this issue. While some individuals will assume that this only applies to obviously hazardous materials, they may not realize that it can apply to more mundane items, such as cleaning solutions, certain electronic devices, and construction debris.

Myth 3: Dumpsters Cost A Flat Fee To Rent

When individuals are needing to rent their first dumpster it is easy to assume that the cost of this rental will be a flat fee. However, the costs of renting a dumpster will largely be determined by the weight of the debris in it. This can make it necessary to compare the rental rate for numerous rental services before choosing one so that you can choose the most affordable option.

Myth 4: It Is Impossible To Keep Rainwater Out Of The Dumpster

Rainwater collecting in a dumpster can severely restrict the amount of debris that can go in it. Furthermore, it can create unsanitary conditions due to the water making a breeding ground for bacteria, insects and other pests. While dumpsters have drains in them to allow water to exit the dumpster, these drains can become blocked when debris is added to the dumpster. Choosing a dumpster that is outfitted with a lid can allow you to greatly reduce the amount of water that can get in it, and you can further improve this effectiveness by closing the lid and covering the dumpster with a tarp when rain is in the forecast.

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